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Mailing to profiles
New user registration at 150.000 forums and mentioning a link to your sites in profiles.
Post mailing
We send posting messages to the appropriate sections of 80.000 forums. The effect is astonishing!
Creating a mini-site
Havent got a site yet? Its not a problem! Just for $50 well create a mini-site of up to 10 pages.


The Russian-speaking version of our site is opened

29.08.09 Update CI
Gain CI on zero sites has made
+30-50 it only from profiles

Frequently asked questions and the answers to them

Question: What guaranties can you give to ensure that you wont cheat me after taking money and will answer to my mails?

Answer: First of all, buying expensive software we initially reckoned on fair and long-term work of our service and we have no desire to spoil our reputation. Secondly, if You wish we may provide you with a live video report that will show You that you project is being worked on with help of licensed software.


Question: Ive been ordering mailing at your site for 15 years. When can I get a discount for myself?

Answer: Unfortunately, now its impossible. The thing is that the pass of one advertisement takes much time and the cost is based on the projects profitability. In the future we plan to launch a multichannel mailing (about 10-20 projects simultaneously); so then well have an ability to give discounts to our users.


Question: At the site you say that your base consists of about 180.000 forums, but in the report there are a bit lesser mailings. What does that mean?

Answer: You should understand that its impossible to do mailing to 100% of forums. We are responsible for the update of the base of forums, but we cant foresee all the factors affecting the result. Forum owners work hard every day improving their forums in the area of struggle with spam, and many of them cope with this task. Even if from the 180.000 forums base we successfully process 40%-50%, of it, itll be a very good result.


Question: How do you differ from the students doing mailing to forums much cheaper?

Answer: The first difference between us is our long-term working experience on the market and complete comprehension of the question. The second important difference is that the students use hacked or out of date software, so its all for nothing.


Question: Can I order a demo site without further ordering of mailings to forums?

Answer: Yes, You can.


Question: I dont know how to make up an application for the mailing. What should I do?

Answer: You may entrust this job to us. FOR FREE.


Question: I want to buy the software for spamming to blogs and forums. Can you help me?

Answer: Yes. Contact us by email and well help You to purchase the programs for the most beneficial prices.

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