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Mailing to profiles
New user registration at 150.000 forums and mentioning a link to your sites in profiles.
Post mailing
We send posting messages to the appropriate sections of 80.000 forums. The effect is astonishing!
Creating a mini-site
Havent got a site yet? Its not a problem! Just for $50 well create a mini-site of up to 10 pages.


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29.08.09 Update CI
Gain CI on zero sites has made
+30-50 it only from profiles

Services of mass mailing to forums and guest books

Mailing to profiles at forums

This kind of mailing represents registration of new users at the forums like PHPBB, Invision Power Board (IPB), VBulletin, YaBB, Icon Board, UltimateBB and posting a link to Your site in users profiles.

Profile mailing gives a great growth of link mass and also a growth of your sites CI. Profiles at the forums are rarely moderated that provides posting of Your links for a long period of time.

Forums in the base: 150.000

Cost of mailing: $30

Post mailing to forums and guest books

This kind of mailing is necessary for getting direct traffic to Your site and for growth of link mass of Your site by means of posting of advertisements at forums.

If an ad is made up correctly there are few chances that it would be deleted by an administrator. If you are not sure in your skills in writing advertisements, you may ask our specialist for free help.

Forums in the base: 80.000

Cost of mailing: $40

Creating a mini-site

It happens very frequently that a customer has a product and a desire to order the mailing, but he hasnt got his own site. Its not a problem for us; well help You to develop a demo site for only $50, and its volume will be up to 10 text pages.

The site youll get will be fully optimized for the searching engines.

The site cost: $60

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